ARCSAR Tabetop Exercise (TTX) “Oil in Ice” Report

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ARCSAR Tabetop Exercise (TTX) “Oil in Ice” Report

3.6.2022 News 0

The ARCSAR Tabletop exercise (TTX) Oil in Ice 2021 took place between the 9th and 10th of November 2021. The TTX was organized in a hybrid format in which the main training audience attended the TTX in person on NORDLAB’s premises (Nord University, Bodø, Norway), the secondary training audience attended via Zoom, and the observers had access to the streaming of the exercise and an online platform,
on which they could share their ideas and ask questions in written format.

The TTX was moderated by the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Canadian Coast Guard. Thirty-one organizations from 14 different countries participated in the event.
The main purpose of the Oil in Ice 2021 exercise was to discuss how oil spill preparedness and response are organized in the case of a large-scale operation in the Svalbard region of the maritime High Arctic, and to identify possible lessons from other locations and agencies in the Arctic and North Atlantic regions.
This report presents framework of the ARCSAR TTX Oil in Ice 2021 including the involved parties, the objectives, the conduct of the exercise, and the outcomes and lessons learned, as well as a summary of the feedback from the various audiences.

Read the full report here (PDF):