Arctic and North Atlantic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network


Addresses the Arctic and North-Atlantic (ANA) region, preparing to cope with the security and safety threats that will result from increased commercial activity in the region including traffic through the northern passages, cruise traffic, and offshore oil and gas activity.

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We need your ideas

The ARCSAR project conducts research of practical and meaningful sources of innovations or knowledge. These could be in the form of available products, services, systems, approaches, solutions arising from projects, or emerging research development.

Thus far in the project there have been 85 different challenges identified in 7 different thematic areas requiring innovative solutions.

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The IA is a social idea management platform created to support the improvement of Arctic and North Atlantic search and rescue and oil spill response capabilities.

We are looking for contributions from SAR & OSR practitioners, SMEs (industry), research (academia), Indigenous people, and local communities in the ANA region to the Innovation Arena (IA). Do you have good ideas and wish to voice them to a broad network of experts? Join the community!

How can you help bring about positive change?

You can provide ideas to current challenges, or add new challenges that require solutions.

Advertise solutions

We welcome your innovative products & services of any type which may have great potential for SAR and OSR capabilities’ improvement.

Why collaborate?

We offer you a place to interact with members of various backgrounds; i.e. SAR & OSP practitioners, authorities, SME’s, academics, scientists, governments, indigenous community representatives and so on, all brought together with a common goal.


You can connect, chat and support with all the Network and IA members.

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Interested to contribute? Please join the ARCSAR network

ARCSAR network is a live, constantly growing community that brings together authorities, indigeneous people,  academia, SMEs, governments and other organizations within the ARCTIC search and rescue domain. All in one place.

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Network & Cooperate

 If you become a member of the ARCSAR network, your organization will become a member of our extensive list of organizations that operate in the Arctic region. Instantly opening a vast array of oportunities.

Broaden your reach!

As a member, finding others in the ARCTIC domain is one click away. The Arctic network is a constantly growing community.

Innovate together!

As a network member, you will also gain access to the Innovation Arena. There, you can share, develop, vote and discuss new ideas, build teams and much more.

Follow important events and project results

Our network coordinates a broad range of events in which our partners share results from workshops, conferences, demos and so on. In delivering these outputs, the network extends invitations to our associated partners. Likewise your organisation may do the same.

Latest News

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Identifying research priorities for security and safety threats in the Arctic and the North-Atlantic

A new method has been developed for identifying and prioritising research activities related to maritime safety and security issues for the Arctic and the North-Atlantic (ANA) region. 8 September 2022[…]

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9.9.2022 0

Arctic catastrophe exercise starting this week in Svalbard

Main goal is to increase survival rate when a catastrophe happens. “The ARCSAR LIVEX is a unique opportunity for the SAR practitioners, the expedition cruise industry, and technology developers to[…]

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28.8.2022 0

Upcoming ARCSAR Live Exercise featured in High North News

An expedition ship is on fire outside of Svalbard and tens of people need to be evacuated. This is the scenario for a catastrophe live exercise led by the innovation network ARCSAR…

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11.8.2022 0

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