Marine Rescue and Coordination Center Bremen

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Marine Rescue and Coordination Center Bremen

The Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre Bremen is part of the «German Maritime Search and Rescue Service» and responsible for (tasked by the Federal Ministry of Transport)


  • -The German Maritime Search and Rescue service conferred to DGzRS by Germany’s Ministry of Transport consists of:
  • -Undertaking maritime search and rescue missions
  • -Maritime rescue coordination by the co-ordination centre (MRCC) in Bremen
  • -Monitoring VHF channels 16 and 70, and DSC 2187,5 kHz, for emergency and safety purposes and handling distress, emergency and safety calls on VHF radio in the German SAR region.
  • -Assisting the military SAR service in search and rescue missions for aircrafts and assuming the responsibilities of a regional search centre
  • -Evacuating critically sick or injured people on board ships at sea and instigating immediate medical care
  • -Agreement with the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies regarding co-operation with the MoT/Waterway Administration
  • -Participating in fire protection with regard to vessels in the coastal zone within the scope of rescue service and technical
  • -Mission according to the Geneva convention

In average MRCC Bremen and the units of the “German Maritime Search and Rescue Service” are responding to approximately 2,300 search and rescue incidents.

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