MAREC – The Inter-organizational coordination of mass rescue operations in complex environments

Arctic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network

The project «MAREC- The Inter-organizational coordination of mass rescue operations in complex environments» emphasizes the coordination of response resources involved in mass rescue operations.

The challenge of large-scale emergency response is, among others, the integration of capacities from many different companies, organizations and government institutions, often including volunteer groups. In this project, we emphasize knowledge on the management systems and the coordination and control of a broad range of actors.

We elaborate on the need for specialized training for incident commanders to be prepared for a complex emergency context, with a special focus on the roles and responsibilities, structuring mechanisms and information flow of joint and often combined operations. This study is based on data from major rescue incidents as well as training and exercise schemes in the participating countries. Three Norwegian universities and research institutions participate in the project, together with universities from Denmark, Russia, Canada, Sweden and Iceland. The MAREC project is led by Nord University Business School, Norway.

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