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Arctic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network

Marine Rescue and Coordination Center Torshavn

MRCC T├│rshavn is a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center and operates closely with and in the same locations as T├│rshavnradio.

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Joint Rescue and Coordination Center – Iceland

The Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG) is responsible for search and rescue, maritime safety and security surveillance, and law enforcement in the seas surrounding Iceland.

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Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Applied research produces expertise, solutions and new business, promoting future well-being, security and international competitive advantage.

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Joint Rescue and Coordination Centre – North Norway

Norwegian rescue services are carried out through cooperation between government agencies, voluntary organizations and private companies who have resources appropriate for rescue services The Joint Rescue Coordination Centres are organized directly underneath the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and have the overall operational responsibility during search and rescue operations. The operations are coordinated either…
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