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Arctic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network


Newsletter: volume 2

As ARCSAR celebrates its first year since inception, its network has grown fast and is expanding every day. Today we count around 50 + institutions who have joined the ARCSAR network and of course all this will be available in the webpage in the coming months. We have all the network members to thank for…
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It was a busy week for the ARCSAR consortium throughout the 07th – 12th of October 2019. Kicking off the week on the 07th of October, consortium members from WP3 met at JRCC Iceland to discuss initial planning considerations for the ARCSAR mass evacuation exercise planned for 2021. A project management team meeting and general…
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Meet us at the Arctic Circle Assembly, 10th October in Reykjavik!

SESSION REPORT #43 at the #ArcticCircle2019…

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Register for the upcoming event

Hotel room discount available untill 23rd of August.

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The value of local knowledge in saving lives

Article (In Norwegian)

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