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HALPIN is the research & innovation pillar of the National Maritime College of Ireland - NMCI. NMCI is a constituent college of the Cork Institute of Technology – CIT (www.cit.ie) and a partnership with the Irish Naval Service – INS (www.military.ie/naval-service/). Through this partnership, HALPIN is the maritime research and innovation centre for CIT and HALPIN undertakes research and innovation activities on behalf of the INS.

HALPIN's research and innovation work is in two primary thematic areas; Maritime Operations and Maritime Mechatronics. In Maritime Operations, HALPIN works in four sub-themes; Safety, Security & Defence, Supply Chain, Human Factors and Training & Education Innovation. In Maritime Mechatronics, HALPIN is developing innovative solutions for coastal & offshore monitoring, surveillance and data collection applications. Our objectives are to fill temporal, spatial and capability gaps and to disruptively lower the total cost of ownership for maritime monitoring, surveillance & data collection systems by leveraging the mass-production, consumer grade electronics phenomenon.

HALPIN began operations in 2012. To date, HALPIN has successfully completed 25 research and innovation projects and has 10 projects ongoing. HALPIN has secured over €4.1 million in competitive research funding from Irish, European and international sources and from both public and private entities. HALPIN has worked with over 180 research, innovation, industry and public-sector partners in Ireland, Europe and across the World. The HALPIN team is made up of ten researchers from various backgrounds including merchant marine, naval, marine aviation, electronics, radio communications, business and supply chain.

Project participant & WP Leader in ARCSAR. The Halpin Centre will draw on the maritime & research expertise within the maritime operations context, from keys areas such as safety, Security & Defence, Supply Chain, Training & Education Innovation and Human Factors. Additionally, maritime mechatronics expertise will be applied, drawing on experience from areas such as coastal & offshore monitoring, surveillance and data collection applications. Specific to our role as WP leader in ARCSAR, throughout our operations we have developed extensive experience as both Task & WP leaders, successfully managing the completion of numerous deliverables. In terms of Dissemination & Communication, Halpin is a well-established maritime research centre with an extensive network in the area of Maritime Operations & Mechatronics. We have managed dissemination & communication in previous projects & have a proven track record in the successful delivery of project contributions & deliverables in this area.

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