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The ARCSAR Innovation and Knowledge Exchange Event 2

24-25 February 2020, Intercontinental Hotel, Grey St, Wellington, New Zealand
27 February 2020, Marine Oil Pollution Service,755 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu, Auckland, New Zealand

From Antarctic to Arctic: Seminar on Innovations and Solutions for Coordination and Emergency Response in Remote Areas

The second Innovation and Knowledge Exchange event is a combination of a seminar focusing on experiences and best practices to emergency response and coordination from New Zealand and the Antarctic region, and a visit to the Marine Oil Pollution Service in Auckland. The event is co-organized by Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) and NORD University and is part of ARCSAR WP2.

New Zealand’s search and rescue region (SRR) and the Antarctic region are extremely vast and face similar challenges in emergency response and coordination as the Arctic region. The seminar will focus on giving the ARCSAR partners an overview of SAR and oil spill response systems in New Zealand, NZ approach to issues within Antarctica, as well as best practices on cooperation with Indigenous partners, research institutes, and other stakeholders. The idea is to draw innovative examples from New Zealand to bring home to the Arctic.
The first part of the event is a two-day seminar hosted by RCCNZ in Wellington. The second part of the event is a visit to the Marine Oil Pollution Service based in Auckland.

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Feb 24 2020 - Feb 28 2020


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The daylight in the Arctic is shortened by 15 minutes every day now – soon entering the long polar night. Lack of light is one of the major challenges for SAR operations and remote sensing of oil spills in the Arctic. 📷Irene Andreassen, from Longyearbyen in October ...

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2 weeks ago

Emmi Ikonen

Just like everyone else, the ARCSAR network is affected by the Covid-pandemic. But we are working on virtual solutions to host our planned activity and upcoming excercises. Hopefully we will soon be able to excercise in real life as well, as in this photo from the SARex-excercise in Svalbard 📷: Oda Iden, Sjøforsvaret ...

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