General presentations/meetings

Arctic Security and Emergency Preparedness Network

JRCC NNSep/2018 R, IKO MeetingARCSAR KO Meeting, Bodø, Norway.
UoPSep/2018R, IOrganisation of a workshopWP2 Practitioner workshop. Bodø, Norway.
AECOOct/2018R, IWorkshop ParticipationArctic Circle SAR side event organized by Finish Border Guard. Reykjavik, Iceland.
USCGOct/2018R, I, PMBrokerage eventNorth Atlantic Coast Guard Forum (NACGF) SAR WG at the NACGF Plenary
JRCC IOct/2018R, I, PMBrokerage eventMOSPA preparation meeting. Reykjavik, Iceland.
LUASOct/2018R, I, PMBrokerage eventDigitalisation and Safety for Tourism Workshop. Brussels, Belgium.
UoP Nov/2018 N/A Organisation of a workshop Portsomouth, UK
LUAS Nov/2018 N/AOther than conference/workshop Tourism Steering Group and Networking Meeting. Bilbao, Spain.
NORD Nov/2018 R, I, PMBrokerage eventNordic Security Brokerage Event. Stockholm, Sweden.
JRCC NN Nov/2018 R, I, PMOther than conference/workshopMRCC Torshavn and Danish Arctic Command. Faroe Islands.
LUAS Nov/2018 R, I, PMOther than conference/workshopLapland Safety Network. Lapland, Finland
LUASNov/2018R, I, PMBrokerage eventMurmansk Regional Government Meeting. Murmansk, Russia.
LUAS Dec/2018 R, I, PMBrokerage eventEast and North Finland Tourism Meeting. Brussels, Belgium.
JRCC NN Dec/2018 Brokerage eventCOU networks of practitioners. Brussels, Belgium.
USCGDec/2018Brokerage eventEPPR SAR Experts Group meeting. New Orleans, USA.
LAUREAJan/2019R, I, PMBrokerage eventNational security seminar. Kuopio, Finland
UOPFeb/2019R, I, PMOrganisation of a workshopRome, Italy
LAUREAFeb/2019R, I, PMBrokerage eventNational Police University College Security Seminar. Tampere, Finland
JRCC IMar/2019 R, I, PM Workshop ParticipationArctic Coast Guard Forum principal meeting and LIVEX
CITMar/2019 R, I, PM Participation in other EU H2020 eventEU Arctic Cluster Meeting. Lisbon, Portugal
CITMar/2019 R, I, PM Brokerage event/WorkshopEU Polar Board GA. Lisbon, Portugal
JRCC NNApr/2019 R, I, PM Organisation of a workshopARCSAR Themed breakout session during SAR TTX. Reykjavik, Iceland
JRCC IApr/2019 R, I, PM Brokerage event/WorkshopAECO Joint Arctic SAR TTX. Reykjavik, Iceland
LAUREAApr/2019R, I, PMBrokerage event Arctic Coast Guard Seminar . Iceland
CITApr/2019R, I, PMBrokerage eventIrish National Arctic Research Meeting. R, I, PM
LAUREAMay/2019Brokerage eventEuropean Maritime Day. Turku, Finland
LAUREAJun/2019R, I, PMParticipation in other EU H2020 eventEU Arctic Cluster Stakeholder engagement. Brussels, Belgium
LAUREAJun/2019Brokerage eventInternational week at Laurea. Lisbon, Spain.
LAUREAJun/2019R, I, PMBrokerage eventNational Emergency Service College’s Security days. Espoo, Finland
ARCSAR ConsortiumOct/2019R, I, PMOrganisation of a workshopARCSAR GA. Reykjavik, Iceland
ARCSAR ConsortiumOct/2019N/AOrganisation of a workshopArctic Circle conference. Reykjavik, Iceland.
LAREA & (TBC)Oct/2019R, I, PMBrokerage eventNational Security Research Seminar. Kuopio, Finland
JRCC IOct/2019R, I, PM Brokerage event Presented ARCSAR efforts to the Arctic Coast Guard Forum. Reykjavik, Iceland
NordNov/2019R, I, PMTraining DevelopmentOn Scene Cordinator Pilot Course. Bodø, Norway
AECO Nov/2019 SAR entities, decision-makersWorkshop ParticipationPresented ARCSAR efforts at JRCC NN event. Bodø, Norway
RCCNZ & NORD UNI.Feb/2020N/AWorkshopSecond innovation and knowledge exchange event in New Zealand
JRCC I, JRCC NN, AECODec/2020R, I, PMBrokerage event /WorkshopFifth Joint Arctic SAR TTX 2020 (virtual event)
JRCC NNJan/2021N/AMeetingARCSAR General Assembly
JRCC NNJan/2021N/AMeetingEPPR I 2021 meeting
LAUREAFeb/2021N/AMeetingPolar cluster meeting on behalf of ARCSAR